BodyViz Software Revolutionizes Anatomy Curriculum, Patient Education & Preoperative Planning

BodyViz renders MRI and CT data directly into interactive 3D visualizations. With BodyViz, users easily manipulate and explore human anatomy, perform virtual dissections, collaborate and share content, annotate anatomical features, review lessons, and plan procedures.

Interact with real anatomy & pathology

BodyViz delivers access to real anatomy by creating easy to use, interactive 3D MRI and CT scan visualizations. BodyViz:

  • Integrates easily into all levels of anatomy curriculum and medical training
  • Supplements cadaver laboratory experiences
  • Supports interactive preoperative planning
  • Facilitates personalized patient education
  • Scales to fit higher education institutions of all sizes
  • Delivers real anatomy via iPad, computers, and in large-format 3D stereoscopic virtual reality
BodyViz Stereoscopic Image of Lung Tumor

Explore complex anatomical relationships

BodyViz provides real anatomy for repeated, non-destructive exploration, examination, and dissection. BodyViz users visually explore the body’s complex systems, highlight normal and abnormal anatomy, and virtually plan and execute surgical procedures.

BodyViz allows students to visualize often abstract anatomical concepts that more traditional images cannot adequately capture, such as relationships between organs or the effects of an abnormality on surrounding structures.

Lori Hensley, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Chair
Biology at Ouachita Baptist University
BodyViz Image of Skull and Neck

Expand access to real anatomy

Institutions provide direct access to BodyViz via computers and iPads. BodyViz easily integrates with laboratory curriculum, classroom instruction, and procedure planning processes. BodyViz meets instructors, clinicians, students, surgeons, and patients where they are—from classrooms and cadaver labs, to consultation rooms, libraries, and collaboration spaces.

BodyViz is exciting. It is cutting edge. It sets us apart from other community colleges. We are using it in biology and health sciences classes such as nursing, RT, OTA, PTA. This has been a huge enhancement for my students, especially in situations when we don't have cadavers to dissect.

Martie Heath-Sinclair, MS
Natural Science Instructor,
Hawkeye Community College
BodyViz Image of Thoracic Aneurysm

Customize BodyViz to advance goals

With the support of the BodyViz team, institutions tailor a BodyViz solution to support learning environments and curriculum goals. BodyViz easily integrates into existing curriculum. Instructors have access to the BodyViz anatomy library and can add new scans with very little effort. Instructors can customize scans to create case studies, enhance curriculum, and improve learning.


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