Mastering the Art of Anatomy with Karate and Virtual Dissection

November 5, 2021

Mastering the Art of anatomy with 3D virtual anatomy

What does it take to become a master of anatomy? 

Science is always learning and changing with new things being discovered all the time. There are still many amazing components of the brain that are not understood and functions of organs that are not known.  Anatomy is a challenging subject to teach and learn - let alone master.  In this article, we want to show you how Mr. Miyagi’s advice for Daniel learning karate from the movie Karate Kid also can help your students master the art of anatomy and value of real anatomy with virtual dissection! 

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"First learn stand, then learn fly. Nature rule, Daniel-San, not mine.”

Every brain surgeon had to take an Anatomy 101 class before they could learn to operate. Each and every class is the foundation to something bigger and better and perhaps a step closer to your students dream career. Every surgeon practiced dissecting, before performing surgery.  Empower your students with this sort of big picture mindset! What they are doing in your anatomy labs and classes now is potentially preparing them for something bigger.

Dissecting a frog or cat may not seem like a very big accomplishment, but when your students are standing for the first time in the operating room about to perform their first surgery - they would not have gotten there without the opportunity that began with a frog or feline.  Virtual dissection is a stepping stone to performing real surgery! With BodyViz 3D Anatomy Software, you can virtually dissect and examine layers of tissue, annotate structures, slice through the planes of the body, and more - while being able to undo any mistakes at the click of a button. 

"To make honey, young bee need young flower, not old prune."

To make the future of health care better, students need new technology, not old fashioned resources. BodyViz 3D Virtual Dissection is the future of 3D anatomy now.  Students can perform dissections on real patient anatomy, bringing them one step closer to real surgery.  Do not limit your students with plastic models, or cartoony virtual visualizations. Give them a real experience using real human anatomy with BodyViz!

"You trust the quality of what you know, not quantity."

Instructors know a student has mastered a concept when that student can teach the content back to someone else. This means they have a quality understanding, and not just a quantity focused surface-level knowledge of anatomy vocabulary terms.  Having your students teach and share information they have learned is an important way to test understanding, and the reasoning behind why group work can be effective. Instructors can encourage this sort of teamwork and opportunity by using real patient case examples where students need to apply their anatomy learning. We have 1,000s of BVFs (BodyViz Files) that are 3D visualizations of real patients showing their real anatomy and natural variations.  Challenge your students' skills to work together by virtually dissecting and annotating the real anatomy of a patient. With BodyViz, students do not just learn anatomy - they interact with it. 

Our Interactive Anatomy Content consists of anatomy learning modules that engage students with interactive activities, quizzes, review modules, and virtual dissection labs.  This content can be accessed 24/7 online through the BodyViz Online Portal, or your preferred Learning Management System.  We offer solutions for high school, undergraduate, graduate, CTE, health careers, and veterinary medicine!

“No such thing as bad student, only bad teacher. Teacher say, student do."

Well… there definitely is such a thing as a bad student… I am sure you all have examples popping into your head of what a teacher said and a student did not do… But what we believe that Mr. Myagi is trying to say that teachers help shape the minds and ideas of students.  If teachers are limiting the experiences and opportunities students have - students may never know their potential. Anatomy may seem like a very black and white, factual subject to learn and teach.  With 3D dissection and interactive anatomy learning resources, students and teachers can unlock new potential with 3D anatomy! 

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