6 Ways to Use 3D Anatomy Software on Campus!

August 29, 2021

6 Ways to use 3D anatomy dissection software in class

Not sure how a software program could help improve your in-person classes?

Here are 6 ways that BodyViz can enhance your classroom experience!


1. Present in front of your class

Take your lecture to the next level with 3D visualizations of real patients, showing real anatomy! BodyViz 3D anatomy software has the ability to screenshot and record directly within the software, allowing you to use these images and videos in your lectures. These pictures and videos can be saved onto your computer and easily inserted into a powerpoint. Imagine doing a BodyViz dissection live in front of your class!  Most anatomical concepts are challenging to explain with the complex spatial relationships that are involved in anatomy. With BodyViz, instructors are able to show a real example of anatomy concepts in minutes that may take an hour to explain - saving instructors time and increasing students’ understanding. 

2. Facilitate small group collaboration

Sometimes students learn the best by learning from each other. Small group collaboration has proven to be an effective form of learning, especially with complex subjects like anatomy. With BodyViz, instructors can easily assign small group dissection projects that are easy for students to understand, cost-effective for schools to have, and effective to learn from.  Instructors can assign students into groups of 3-5 and give each group a BVF (BodyViz File) of a real patient to dissect and annotate.  These students will gain real experience and knowledge of real anatomy, while working together - improving not only your students' anatomical knowledge, but also life skills. 

3. Supplement lab/dissection experiences

Cadavers are hard to find and expensive to have. Some schools may be limited on the amount of cadavers they can afford which can limit students' learning and experience.  BodyViz is a perfect supplement or addition to any lab! Students are given the ability to dissect from anywhere, at any time with BodyViz 3D dissections.  No more limiting students' interaction with real anatomy to the time allotted for a lab. Students can perform dissections in a lab, and then practice the dissections and annotations at home.  BodyViz allows for unlimited learning in and outside of the lab.

4. Explore real-life case studies

Anatomy is real. We cannot stress the importance of this enough at BodyViz. Modeled, cartoony anatomy is not realistic and not what your students will be working with in their potential job place. BodyViz has 1,000s of BVF scans of real patients, allowing instructors to use real anatomy to teach from, and students real anatomy to learn from! Do not settle for plastic models that lack natural variation and realistic features. Give your students real resources with BodyViz! 

5. Prepare students before class

A 45 min lecture is a very limited amount of time to explain advanced anatomical concepts. We have many resources and forms of anatomy learning that can increase anatomy understanding.  Expose your students to an introduction and allow them to familiarize themselves with anatomy concepts before they even arrive to class with our active learning module short videos. These are short 3-6 min videos that show and explain anatomy features visualized in our 3D dissection program. Students will then have a foundational understanding before arriving to class and be ready to grasp deeper concepts. 

6. Encourage self-learning at home 

With limited time in the classroom, it is important for students to learn outside of the classroom.  BodyViz Portal can be accessed anywhere with wifi, at any time.  Our online portal is the home to numerous anatomy resources - like active learning modules videos that highlight anatomy features visualized in BVFs; review modules with questions and case studies that students can infinitely quiz themselves with; and dozens of systematically organized interactive anatomy assignments. The BodyViz portal is designed to save students and instructors time with ready-to-go anatomy content, automatic grade tracking, and constantly being updated to include the latest and greatest BodyViz resources. 


Examples of the Scalability of BodyViz 3D anatomy software

BodyViz is the perfect addition to any anatomy classroom! Still not sure how BodyViz could fit into your course? We offer custom content creation where you can work with our Content Team to allow for maximal and seamless integration into your courses! Schedule a demo today to learn more about how BodyViz can improve your classroom!

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