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Preparing the Clinicians of Tomorrow with Virtual Dissection Software

Aga Khan University Medical College Renovates Anatomy Lab with BodyViz

January 07, 2019

BodyViz Virtual Dissection Software prepares the clinicians of tomorrow.

Medical schools around the world are working to alleviate the healthcare professional shortages we are currently experiencing. These shortages are projected to increase significantly, leading to an increase in students enrolling in health-related programs. A critical aspect of training the healthcare professionals of tomorrow is ensuring they have the necessary educational resources. As enrollment grows, these resources are becoming more competitive, leading many institutions to expand their programs and facilities.

Aga Khan University Medical College in Karachi, Pakistan recently followed suite, renovating their anatomy and surgical skills facility to make room for additional learning environments. They have taken these renovations as an opportunity to supplement traditional anatomy dissection experiences with innovative technology and interactive learning to better prepare students to become great clinicians. With a single stereoscopic projector and 6 computers loaded with BodyViz 3D anatomy software, AKU turned their traditional learning environment into an immersive 3D virtual dissection lab. Instructors are able present in front of the classroom in 3D using a stereoscopic projector, while students can dive into our library of over 1,000 interactive 3D visualizations rendered from real patient data using the 6 laptops pictured below. Students with access to BodyViz's virtual anatomy software are better prepared for their post-academic careers as our solutions use the same medical imaging technology that they will encounter upon graduation.

Aga Khan University Supplement Renovated Lab with BodyViz 3D anatomy software

The BodyViz team is proud to be a part of the incredible advancements AKU has made in medical education. By providing unlimited access to anatomical resources, undergraduate and graduate students can now explore and virtually dissect real human anatomy in great detail, prior to setting foot in the traditional anatomy lab. We are excited to see how students interact with the BodyViz software and how our virtual anatomy dissection software will advance the AKU programs as a whole.

To learn more about BodyViz’s 3D virtual anatomy and dissection solutions, schedule a demo at a time that works best for you. For more information regarding Aga Khan University Medical College’s new solution: Click Here.

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