Aga Khan University

April 6, 2020

Medical organizations around the world have been experiencing a drought of healthcare professionals in recent years. In an effort to combat these shortages, medical schools are working diligently to increase enrollment year after year. However, providing critical learning resources for growing student populations in these fields is proving difficult for many. This is particularly true for international universities, where obtaining access to cadaveric specimens can be extremely expensive and time-intensive. With the emergence of new technology, many universities are finding success in augmenting their students’ medical education with 3D anatomy software, providing virtual dissection resources created directly from real human anatomy.

Aga Khan University with BodyViz 3D Anatomy Software

Aga Khan University Medical College (AKU) in Karachi, Pakistan recently followed suit, renovating their anatomy and surgical skills facility with 3D virtual anatomy software. With BodyViz, AKU augmented their traditional anatomy dissection labs with an innovative and engaging learning experience that allows students to interact with and learn anatomy in a way that was never before available. 

With a single projector and 7 computers loaded with BodyViz 3D anatomy software, AKU transformed their traditional classroom environment into an immersive virtual anatomy lab. The projector at the front of the room allows the instructor to present course material in 3D, enhancing the students’ ability to analyze and visualize anatomical structures and relationships. The 6 computers positioned in the middle of the room allow each individual student to virtually dissect and study using real human anatomy. Students can also rotate, zoom, pan, and fly through scans to get the preferred angle and examine the anatomy in 3D. When students are at the view they desire, they use the Clipping Mode to quickly peel away layers and structures that aren't needed or to slice through the body to view a cross-section.

Students come to class excited to learn when they have the opportunity to manipulate and work hands-on with real human anatomy. To help instructors provide clear direction for their courses, AKU also implemented our comprehensive set of peer-reviewed, ready-to-use educational content included in our Interactive Anatomy Content solution. The Interactive Anatomy Content is packaged in two separate formats (Active Learning and Assessment Modules) to help instructors facilitate various learning experiences for students both inside and outside of the anatomy classroom. The Active Learning modules provide students with step-by-step instructions to virtually dissect, locate, and identify specific anatomical structures and relationships within the 3D Anatomy Software. Students can test their anatomical knowledge and understanding directly within the preferred learning management system with our Assessment modules.

AKU Professors Dissect Real Human Anatomy in 3D

The BodyViz team is proud to be a part of the incredible advancements AKU has made in medical education. By providing innovative anatomical resources for their students, AKU is equipped with the necessary tools to properly educate the growing student population in medical curricula. Undergraduate and graduate students can now explore and virtually dissect real human anatomy in great detail. We are excited for the students at AKU and to see how interacting with virtual anatomy will change the way they learn.

 To learn more about AKU's new virtual anatomy lab, schedule a demo with one of our solutions consultants and read the full article here.