Taking Southwest Texas Junior College's A&P Courses Online with BodyViz

October 7, 2020

How did Christine integrate BodyViz into her lectures?

In order to continue her lecture sessions while transitioning to the online learning environment, Christine utilizes the Active Learning Modules in conjunction with Zoom meetings. The Active Learning Modules provide Christine with pre-built guided lecture material, that enables her to easily visualize the anatomical structures they are covering each class session.

Did BodyViz help keep Christine's students engaged during her online lectures?

Yes! Christine says that her students have really enjoyed seeing and working with the studies provided within the 3D Anatomy Software. Because they are no longer able to meet in person for class, the active learning that her students are able to perform with BodyViz has been very effective at helping them comprehend course material because they're able to see and interact with the structures in 3D.

How are the students using BodyViz in lab sessions?

After Christine has introduced the course material in her lecture sessions, she assigns her students the Review Modules to complete individually during their lab sessions. The Review Modules align directly with the material that she covers in her lecture sessions and allow her students to explore the anatomical concepts in an in-depth, hands-on approach.

How is Christine tracking student progress and performance while teaching online?

Outside of her traditional exams, Christine is able to track her students' progress and performance with the assessment features included in the Review Modules. After each question, her students get instantaneous feedback on whether or not they answered the question correctly.

Where has BodyViz been the most effective in Christine's courses?

BodyViz has been the most effective as a tool for helping the students learn the course concepts in lab because they are able to visualize the 3D structures in situ. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Christine was only able to utilize animal cadavers for their dissection labs, as opposed to human cadavers, so having the ability to show her A&P students what the actual human body looks like in 3D has been really helpful for them. 


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