Transforming Anatomy Education at the New College of Florida

February 20, 2024

Amy Bohan, a biology instructor at the New College of Florida, believes BodyViz is the future of anatomy education. With 27 students using BodyViz 3D anatomy software during the fall semester, she anticipates an increase in the upcoming sessions. Amy joined the NCF faculty at a time of major transition and has solely created and instructed the anatomy curriculum. She explains that the introduction of BodyViz revolutionized her teaching approach, especially as she navigates teaching lectures and labs without prior resources.

Flexible Learning

The flexibility of BodyViz accommodates diverse student needs; being able to provide modules and assessments helped bridge the gaps for those who couldn't attend both days of class. BodyViz technology's impact on remote learning was one aspect that stood out to her. Amy shared that at the beginning of the semester, an international student from Germany who faced visa delays didn't start from ground zero upon arrival thanks to BodyViz. "Its flexibility is unmatched," she noted.

"From supporting athletes with conflicting schedules to aiding remote learners, BodyViz ensures no student is left behind."

Real-World Perspective

Amy underscores how BodyViz promotes active learning, aiding comprehension beyond traditional lectures. The case studies are invaluable to her students' learning. She relayed they offer a real-world perspective, making complex topics more relatable. It's not just teaching from a textbook; it's about understanding real systemic issues. Amy emphasizes the pivotal role BodyViz plays in preparing students for their career paths. She affirms it's about ensuring they're equipped with a strong foundation in anatomy and physiology. "BodyViz enhances their readiness for exams and future careers, which is especially crucial for a diverse student body."

"I asked them the very first day how many of them had an anatomy background and I think two out of twenty-seven said they did. And I’ve seen them catch up and surpass my last institution's students who were at the same level."

Increased Efficiency

One aspect of BodyViz that is often overlooked is the positive impact it makes on classroom management and accountability. Amy highlighted how BodyViz simplifies tracking student progress, especially compared to her courses without it. Educators can find it challenging to gauge students' levels and provide effective support without a tool like BodyViz. Amy was candid about how significant BodyViz has been in improving her work-life balance. "It's a game-changer," she asserts. Instead of arranging additional sessions or hiring teaching assistants, BodyViz serves as an effective learning aid even when an educator is not physically present. 

When asked about advice for educators considering virtual anatomy tools like BodyViz, Amy stressed it's about teaching them beyond classroom hours. "It's an educational compass guiding educators toward unlocking their students' full potential." That students engage more when learning involves BodyViz interactive modules, assessments, and brain builders. It sparks their interest and motivates them to actively engage in learning, even outside the classroom.

"I got an email on a Friday night from a student asking a question, I would never get an email on a Friday night about a student reading through an outline, the level I feel like my students are learning and being active even when I’m not presently there, it’s huge."

Custom Content

One of the most significant impacts of BodyViz is the seamless integration into course curriculum. The BodyViz Team collaborated with Amy to design a content map aligned perfectly with her syllabus. This streamlined the learning process, allowing Amy to guide students efficiently through the course material. BodyViz empowers student learning, Amy stated, "It makes my job so easy. I present the content map to students, directing them to specific modules or assessments." She noted their quick understanding of the material surprised her. What she expected to be a troubleshooting week turned into a smooth learning experience. "BodyViz fosters active learning, sparks students' curiosity, and is an investment in their educational journey. It's the future of anatomy education, offering tools that engage students beyond traditional methods."

The BodyViz Team is proud to be a catalyst for learning at NCF and we thank Amy for enthusiastically sharing her journey with us.

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