Bring Life to Your Anatomy Courses With Guided 3D Lecture Materials

January 11, 2021

In the following blog, we’re going to show you how easy it can be to deliver high-quality, engaging anatomy lectures using the interactive virtual dissection guide included within the BodyViz Active Learning Modules. While this specific suite of modules is traditionally used by students during lab sessions, a number of our creative customers have started using these exact modules as an interactive guide during their lecture sessions to help them visualize course concepts with 3D anatomical volumes. We're here to show you just how easy it can be. 

What Are Active Learning Modules?

Included with all BodyViz anatomy software licenses, the Active Learning Modules are traditionally used by students during lab sessions. These modules were developed to provide interactive virtual dissection experiences to help students visualize anatomical material in 3D. Detailed instructions help students dissect and identify specific anatomical structures and relationships within BodyViz. Along with the rest of the Interactive Anatomy Content package, the Active Learning Modules follow the HAPS Learning Outcomes, providing a roadmap of systemically structured lab activities for students. The HAPS Learning Outcomes are the most comprehensive and widely adopted set of student outcomes available for Human A&P and for Human Anatomy.

While the Active Learning Modules have been highly effective as a lab resource, they can also serve as an interactive guide to help instructors facilitate engaging lectures and visualize material in 3D for students.

Active Learning with 3D Anatomy

How Do Active Learning Modules Help Guide Lectures?

The virtual dissection activities originally developed to walk anatomy students through the dissection process, also serve as the perfect lecture guide for instructors. The detailed instructions included within each module make it easy for instructors, and even first-time users, to perform virtual dissections and identify specific anatomical structures. Whether teaching onsite in a classroom, or on a Zoom meeting teaching online, instructors can easily display the virtual dissection activity to visualize lecture topics in 3D for students.

Instructors can use the Active Learning Modules to reinforce or replace their existing instructional material depending on individual goals and preferences. The modules are structured to follow a systemic approach to anatomy, making it easy to align each module to fit directly into the course curriculum. While the step-by-step instructions simplify the virtual dissection process so that instructors can perform activities live, screen recording features also allow instructors to pre-record their content for later use during lecture and/or for sharing with students as additional study aids.  

Why Should You Use Active Learning Modules in Lecture?

One of the biggest challenges anatomy instructors face is helping students comprehend complex spatial relationships between structures. For many though, the ability to view the human body in 3D is not something that is accessible, especially during lecture sessions. By integrating the Active Learning Modules and performing live virtual dissections in lecture, you open up the opportunity for students to visualize the 3D relationships between interconnected systems. Not only does this create a more interactive and engaging environment, but students will also comprehend course material more effectively and will carry that information with them to the lab and exam sections of the course.

Guided 3D Anatomy Lectures

Want to Test Out A Guided 3D Anatomy Lecture?

If you are new to BodyViz, please schedule an online demonstration with our team so we can learn more about your student and instructional needs. In 30 minutes, you will get a walk-through of our 3D Anatomy Learning Platform and see exactly what the Active Learning Modules are all about. If you are already a BodyViz customer, please contact us for help on using the Active Learning Modules in your lectures.

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