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Real Anatomy Visualizations Improve Anatomy Education and Surgical Planning

BodyViz delivers real anatomy to instructors, students, clinicians, and surgeons when and where they need it, on the platform that best meets their objectives. Unlike models and illustrations, BodyViz visualizations are direct renderings of medical data, making real anatomy available on-demand for repeated study, exploration, virtual dissection, and planning.

The BodyViz solution easily integrates into current curriculum and allows institutions to tailor the solution to support specific learning environments. Combining computer licenses and iPad Apps, institutions and medical practices access BodyViz in formats that support individual and small-group collaboration, as well as laboratory, classroom, and large group instruction. Users have access to the BodyViz anatomy library of patient and cadaver data and can easily create visualizations using specific patient scans. This flexibility makes BodyViz equally powerful in a single computer installation or an extensive multi-campus integration.

What is BodyViz?BodyViz is Anatomy Visualization Software

BodyViz is software that resides on a computer. BodyViz’s proprietary rendering engine quickly transforms 2D MRI and CT scans into 3D visualizations. Visualizations are fully interactive and easy to use. To expand access, institutions extend BodyViz to iPads using BodyViz Sync.

BodyViz comes with a complete library of visualizations that includes cadaver scans, normal anatomy, and abnormal pathology. In addition, instructors, physicians, and surgeons can easily load and render their own 3D visualizations from specific patient data.

BodyViz software license for computers

A BodyViz license gives users the power to

  • Interact with 3D MRI and CT scan visualizations
  • Quickly and easily load additional scans into the library
  • Create, modify, and annotate BodyViz content and curriculum
  • Easily integrate real anatomy into current curriculum
  • Share visualization and curriculum with other BodyViz users via file sharing or via BodyViz Sync for iPads

Each license includes upgrades and support, and access to the preloaded BodyViz library of patient and cadaver scans.

BodyViz Sync and BodyViz for the iPad

Combining a computer license with BodyViz Sync expands access to iPads. Using the BodyViz Sync, instructors load visualizations, lessons, and assignments from their computer into the BodyViz Cloud. An iPad with the BodyViz app and appropriate permissions can access these anatomy visualizations and curriculum.


BodyViz visualizations contain the volumetric information from MRI can CT scans. Transformed into 3D interactive visualizations via the BodyViz proprietary rendering engine, BodyViz displays scan data in vivid 3D. Users can easily manipulate, explore, and dissect the anatomy from unlimited vantage points. BodyViz visualizations can also be experienced in 3D stereoscopic, a virtual reality experience. In 3D stereoscopic, the anatomy appears to pop out of the display, creating a visual experience that enhances the ability to analyze and absorb complex anatomical spatial relationships.

Building a BodyViz Solution

The BodyViz team works closely with customers to build a solution that meets the customer’s specific objectives. A solution consists of a combination of software licenses and hardware. BodyViz easily integrates with existing AV infrastructure and anatomy curriculum. Institutions purchase anywhere from a single license to 100+ licenses depending on their objectives. The BodyViz team also makes sure customers have the training and resources needed to meet their goals.

Who Uses BodyViz?Users Include Educators and Surgeons that Want Fast, Easy, and Direct Access to Real Anatomy

BodyViz users include higher education institutions and surgical practices that value access to real anatomy for repeated and in-depth exploration, dissection, instruction, and planning. BodyViz provides access to the insights within MRI and CT scans without traditional training barriers. BodyViz makes working with radiological imaging data easy and convenient for all users — instructors, students, surgeons, and patient educators.

Primary customer groups include:

  • Medical schools
  • Universities
  • Four-year college
  • Community colleges
  • Surgical practices
  • Medical Libraries
  • Veterinary Schools

What Does BodyViz Do?BodyViz Provides Unprecedented Access and Insights into Real Anatomy

BodyViz 3D anatomy visualizations are created directly from CT and MRI scans. Interacting with the visualizations is intuitive and easy. Users can:

  • Rotate, pan, zoom, and fly through virtual anatomy
  • Perform virtual cadaver dissections
  • Create “clipping” and “slicing” planes for in-depth examination of anatomy
  • Highlight specific anatomical features using color contrast
  • Select, examine, and remove tissues based on density and type
  • Mark and annotate pathology within the visualization
  • Compare two visualizations side by side
  • Insert and manipulate trocars to simulate surgical instrument paths
  • Load and examine specific patient data

This video shows the flexibility, simplicity, and power of the BodyViz anatomy software.


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