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Creating an Engaging Anatomy Learning Environment

Simplify Classroom and Lab Design with Flexible 3D Anatomy Software

September 10, 2019

We understand how difficult it can be to update your anatomy learning environments to support classroom engagement and student comprehension. On top of teaching one of the most demanding subjects, it can be very difficult to find the time and resources to design your new anatomy classroom and lab. Even after updating their environments, far too many instructors are still struggling to engage students in class.

Designing your new learning environments should be fun and exciting for both you and your students.

Not frustrating.

Our team is here to help you EASILY and EFFECTIVELY transform your anatomy environments to support:

  • Increased classroom engagement with interactive anatomy software and content
  • Improved student comprehension of 3D anatomical relationships
  • Better transfer of skill into the workplace

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Why BodyViz?

BodyViz 3D anatomy software combines the interactive benefits of virtual reality with detailed 3D visualizations created from real patient data. Our easy-to-use anatomy solutions encourage students to apply themselves in class/lab sessions and helps them comprehend course material more effectively. Running on computers, tablets, and applications alike, BodyViz easily integrates into any type of learning environment and grants students access to anatomical resources in any location. 

“BodyViz was a better fit for us because it isn’t constrained to a table like many of the other virtual anatomy solutions and can adapt to all of our anatomy courses in any environment.”

Blue Moutain College

BodyViz 3D Anatomy Software scales to any learning envrionment

You're Not Alone!

We understand that anatomy is already a difficult subject to teach. Re-designing your learning environments on top of teaching anatomy courses is not an easy task, but you're not alone!

Work with our team to build a virtual anatomy solution tailored to your desired learning objectives and environment.

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Discover how easily BodyViz improves anatomy curriculum, patient education, and preoperative planning with a 15-minute online demo.

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