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Veterinary Anatomical Dissection Alternatives

Expand Access to Real Anatomical Resources Visualized in 3D

August 27, 2019

New regulations, societal viewpoints, and decreasing availability of cadaveric dissection present veterinary anatomy instructors and programs with growing issues:

  • Finding an effective alternative for cadaveric dissection
  • Obtaining access to anatomy labs and resources
  • Advancing student comprehension of spatial relationships
  • Preparing students for post-academic success

We want to help instructors and students tackle these issues and comprehend anatomical relationships more effectively. Our 3D anatomy software easily integrates into existing learning environments, providing virtual dissection access for students in any location and in a cost-effective manner. Our team works closely with instructors every step of the way ensuring:

  • Significantly more access and engagement with anatomical resources
  • Easy integration with existing resources and curricula
  • Increased comprehension of 3D spatial relationships
  • Students are career ready with real-life examples of injuries, disease, variants, and more.

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We chose BodyViz because of the access to so many virtual bodies.

Why BodyViz?

Students and instructors can easily virtually dissect and explore hundreds of real anatomical examples visualized in 3D. Unlike traditional lab experiences, our 3D anatomy software provides students with consistent, detailed examples of common variants, pathology, injury, disease, and more. This approach familiarizes students with scenarios they will encounter in the field, ensuring they are career ready.

Real Veterinary Anatomy Visualized in 3D with BodyViz

As many of you have likely experienced, cadaver labs are often difficult to access and maintain. BodyViz helps instructors alleviate these issues by providing students and instructors with access to anatomical resources in any learning environment. Running on computers, laptops, and applications alike, students are able to engage with real anatomy in a very-cost effective manner.

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Get started today:

  1. Schedule an interactive demonstration
  2. Share with us about your curriculum resources and students
  3. Work with our team to tailor a 3D anatomy solution to your needs
  4. Expand access to anatomical resources and engage your students in class
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