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Simplified Anatomy Environment Design and Renovation

Taking Advantage of Facility Investments with Real 3D Anatomy Software

July 25, 2019

Look, we get it.

Re-designing your anatomy environments can seem stressful, frustrating, and even confusing at times. On top of preparing for the upcoming semester, it’s almost impossible to find time to visualize what your new anatomy environment will look like. But it doesn’t always have to be this difficult.

Renovating your learning environments should be fun and exciting, not frustrating. We’ve recently helped a growing number of instructors take advantage of their facility construction and renovation projects by updating their curriculum with real 3D anatomical resources, increasing student comprehension of 3D spatial relationships.

BodyViz makes re-designing anatomy environments easy for instructors by:

  • Visualizing the new environment with 3D interactive blueprints
  • Tailoring 3D anatomy solutions to individual anatomy curricula
  • Easily integrating into any learning environment (lab, lecture hall, traditional classroom, etc)

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Let’s take a look at how BodyViz simplified the design process for the new STEM facility at the University of Mississippi. Dr. Carol Britson had a vision of utilizing BodyViz to help her students better comprehend 3D anatomical relationships within their new facility. BodyViz took that vision and ran, designing a 3D interactive blueprint to help Dr. Britson visualize exactly how her students will engage with anatomy and interact with one another. Although the new STEM facility has not opened, Dr. Britson integrated her BodyViz solution into her existing environments early. As flexible as BodyViz is, transferring their virtual anatomy solution into the new environment will be a very easy task. Take a look at some of the snapshots from the 3D blueprint created for Ole Miss’ new STEM facility below.

3D Anatomy Lab Rendering

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Whether you’re opening a new facility, renovating an existing facility, or simply trying to update your classroom technology, BodyViz works with you every step of the way to ensure that your 3D anatomy solution:

  • Increases student engagement and comprehension of 3D anatomical spatial relationships
  • Aligns with your individual curriculum objectives
  • Easily integrates into your new/existing anatomy learning environment

We understand that anatomy is already a difficult subject to teach. Re-designing learning environments on top of teaching multiple anatomy courses is proving difficult for a large group of educators. Let us help eliminate the stress and confusion that is often tied along with this process so you can focus on what really matters, educating your anatomy students!

Get started today:

  1. Schedule an Interactive Demonstration
  2. Share with us about your facility and existing resources
  3. Work with our team to tailor a 3D anatomy solution to your individual curriculum

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