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3 Solutions to Easily Increase Student Engagement

Adopting new resources shouldn't be this difficult

April 24, 2019

Interactive solutions to engage students with real anatomy

As the school year winds down, many instructors may be looking into more efficient ways of teaching their anatomy courses and increasing their students comprehension of 3D anatomical relationshipsWe understand that anatomy is already a difficult subject to teach, mixing in new technology certainly doesn’t make things any easier. We know that some of the virtual anatomy solutions on the market today can seem overwhelming and complicated, but adopting new technology into your anatomy classroom isn’t always as difficult as it first appears. Here are 3 solutions for instructors who want to update their anatomy courses, without dedicating excessive amounts of time and energy doing so. 

Engaging Students with Anatomical Content in Any Location

Anatomy Content Modules:

  • - Fully prepared, easy-to-use, peer reviewed content and curriculum 

  • - Track student performance and comprehension 

  • - Expand access to real anatomical content for students in any location 

Our first solution is perfect for instructors who are looking for a plug-and-play anatomy resource that they can get started with immediately. Anatomy Content Modules are easily uploaded into learning management systems (LMS), providing students access to interactive assignments and quizzes in any location. Instructors may easily track student performance and comprehension on a daily basis within their LMS. Our Anatomy Content Modules are delivered fully prepared and ready to use alongside existing instructional resources, however instructors also have the option to tailor a solution to fully replace their existing instructional resources.  

Learn more about Antomy Content Modules

Real 3D human anatomy for students in remote locations

Engaging Students with Virtual Dissection in Class, Lecture, and Lab

3D Anatomy Software 

  • - Transform traditional classrooms into immersive virtual dissection labs 

  • - Utilize existing classroom resources (computer and projector) 

  • - Provide students with over one thousand 3D visualizations of real anatomy 

Our next solution enables instructors to easily transform their traditional learning environments into fully immersive virtual dissection labsAugmenting the anatomy classroom with a single virtual dissection license has a significant impact on student comprehension and retention of complex 3D anatomical relationships, and is easily implemented into existing classroom resources. A single BodyViz license can project real visualizations of human anatomy for any number of students. Taken a step further, multiple licenses enable students to take control and virtually dissect real anatomy in small groups and/or individually. 

Learn more about 3D Anatomy Software

BodyViz projects real human anatomy for large numbers of students

Engaging Students with Real Anatomical Dissection in Any Location

iPad Sync

  • - Share content directly with students to explore and virtually dissect 

  • - Create interactive assignments and quizzes for students to complete 

  • - Encourage students to work at their own pace, try different approaches, and examine anatomy from unlimited viewpoints 

Our final solution is an excellent option for giving any large number of students access to virtually dissect and interact with real human and animal anatomy. Our iPad Sync solutions enable instructors to share anatomical content directly with students to virtually dissect and explore using iPads. Instructors can quickly create interactive assignments and quizzes for students to work through individually or in small groups.  As an addition to our software license, implementing an iPad solution is almost effortless for instructors. Once provided with their course code, students download the free BodyViz app on the appstore, enter their course code, and instantly begin exploring and virtually dissecting thousands of examples of real anatomy.

After assisting hundreds of anatomy educators adopt new instructional methods into their courses, we understand the difficulties and frustrations that are tied along with this process.

Our team is here every step of the way to help instructors: 

  • - Determine their requirements for a virtual anatomy solution 

  • - Feel confident using virtual anatomy resources 

  • - Successfully implement a solution into their existing resources 

  • - Demonstrate learning goal objectives with pre/post assessment plans 

We know you want the best for your students, and so do we. Schedule an interactive demonstration to learn more about how our team can help you easily engage your students with 3D virtual anatomy resources. 

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