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BodyViz 3D Anatomy Software Solutions

Expanding Access to Real Human Anatomy with Interactive 3D Anatomy Software

January 30, 2019

BodyViz interactive 3D anatomy software provides students and instructors unlimited access to real human and veterinary anatomy. Our innovative anatomy software renders real patient data directly into interactive 3D visualizations that students can virtually dissect and explore in great detail. Our user-friendly solutions scale to students in any academic level and can be easily implemented into any teaching environment, allowing the same solution to be used in a traditional high school biology class or as a supplement to cadaver experiences in medical schools.

Our data set library, which comes packaged with our 3D human anatomy software licenses, contains over 1,000 visualizations of real anatomy. Students can study hundreds of different examples of body types, variations, pathology, and more. We also have a section dedicated to animal scans as well, ranging from sheep hearts and cow eyes, to fetal pigs and bearded dragons. Our anatomy software can be loaded onto computers, tablets, and applications alike, providing unlimited access to real anatomy in a very cost-effective manner.

What is 3D Anatomy Visualization Software?

BodyViz’s innovative 3D human anatomy software renders real patient data directly into interactive 3D volumes that users can virtually dissect and explore in great detail. To create these visualizations, our software slices real patient MRI and CT scan data into thousands of layers. Those slices are then stacked on top one another, similar to a deck of cards, creating incredibly accurate and interactive 3D anatomical volumes. Check out the image below to see how this works.

Our innovative software renders real patient data directly into interactive 3d anatomy visualizations.

Our solutions are very user friendly, allowing first time users to instantly begin dissecting hundreds of examples of real anatomy without any previous knowledge required. Our intuitive and easy to use platform enables users to:

  • Rotate, pan, zoom, and fly through real anatomy in 3D virtual reality
  • Perform virtual dissections and pre-operative planning
  • Create “clipping” and “slicing” planes for in-depth examination
  • Highlight specific anatomical features using color contrast
  • Select, examine, and remove tissues based on density and type
  • Mark and annotate pathology within the anatomy
  • Compare two datasets side by side
  • Insert and manipulate trocars to simulate surgical instrument paths
  • Load and examine specific patient data

BodyViz 3D anatomy software transforms your traditional learning environment into an immersive virtual anatomy lab.

To learn more about our innovative virtual anatomy software, watch some of our examples from the Content and Curriculum team as they virutally dissect a few of scans from the BodyViz dataset library.

BodyViz 3D Human Anatomy Software License

A BodyViz license grants students and instructors unlimited access to explore and virtually dissect real anatomy with our innovative 3D anatomy software and dataset library. Each license includes upgrades and support, and access to the preloaded BodyViz library of over 1,000 patient and cadaver scans. A BodyViz license gives users the power to:

  • Study, dissect, and examine real anatomy in 3D
  • Review hundreds of anatomical variations, pathology, and more
  • Quickly and easily load additional scans into the library
  • Create, modify, and annotate BodyViz content and curriculum
  • Easily integrate real anatomy into current curriculum
  • Share datasets and curriculum with other BodyViz users via file sharing or via BodyViz Sync for iPads

Our 3D anatomy software license allows students to explore and dissect over 1,000 examples of real anatomy.

Expanding Access to 3D human Anatomy Software with Sync licenses

For many institutions, buying a BodyViz 3D anatomy license for each of their anatomy students is out of their budget range. Our sync license is a great option for expanding access to any number of students, in a much more cost-effective manner. Students can easily download the free BodyViz app on iPads, enter the code provided by their instructor, and instantly begin exploring and dissecting real anatomy.

A BodyViz Sync license:

  • Increases access and portability to real anatomy for students both inside and outside the lab
  • Enables students to download custom data sets, lessons, and assignments provided by instructors
  • Encourages students to work at their own pace, try different approaches, and examine anatomy from unlimited viewpoints

Our Sync solutions provide real 3D anatomy for students using iPads.

BodyViz Stereoscopic Interactive 3D Anatomy Projection

BodyViz anatomy software can be an excellent supplement to class lectures. Our stereoscopic projection solutions allow instructors to instantly highlight anatomical features and demonstrate dissection procedures in 3D for any sized class.

BodyViz stereoscopic projection solutions:

  • Transform any lecture environment into an engaging and immersive virtual anatomy lab
  • Display real anatomy in 3D for everyone in the room using 3D glasses
  • Improve student comprehension and retention of complex anatomical relationships

Our Stereoscopic feature turns any environment into any immersive 3d virtual anatomy lab

Building a BodyViz Virtual 3D Anatomy Solution

The BodyViz team works closely with customers to build an interactive virtual anatomy solution that meets individual curriculum goals and requirements. BodyViz easily integrates with existing anatomy curricula and resources. Institutions may purchase any number of licenses depending on their objectives and class size. Our Success Team works closely with customers every step of the way after implementation, ensuring both students and instructors are getting as much value out of their solutions as possible.

The BodyViz team is here to work with you on implementing 3D anatomy software into your classroom

Who Uses BodyViz 3D Anatomy Software?

BodyViz users consist of academic institutions and surgical practices that value access to real anatomy for repeated and in-depth exploration, dissection, instruction, and planning. BodyViz provides access to the insights within MRI and CT scans without traditional training barriers and makes working with radiological imaging data easy and convenient for all users — instructors, students, surgeons, and patient educators.

Primary customer groups include:

  • High Schools
  • Community Colleges
  • Universities
  • Medical Schools
  • Veterinary Schools
  • Surgical Practices

What to learn more? Check out our news and events page for our latest updates and contact us to get started building your BodyViz solution today.

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