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New Interactive BodyViz Anatomy Learning Modules

Engage students with interactive activities in and outside of the classroom

February 21, 2019

Check out the all-new features in our eLearning curriculum modules.

We are excited to announce the newest additions to the BodyViz 3D anatomy learning platform! Our new systemic anatomy learning modules enhance our 3D anatomy platform by framing the virtual dissection experience with step-by-step activities, self-paced review questions, and easy integration with your learning management system (LMS).

Our new anatomy eLearning modules:

  • Expand access to interactive 3D anatomical content for students in and outside of the classroom
  • Provide instructors with prepared, easy-to-use, peer reviewed content and curriculum
  • Easily integrate directly into existing anatomy classes and resources

Our plug and play modules are packaged in two formats, review modules and in-class modules. Both formats follow a systemic approach from the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society (HAPS) curriculum standards; however, our Content Specialists can tailor a solution to fit the goals and requirements of any pedagogical approach. Each module is embedded with interactive activities, graded quizzes, and more. For some examples of the interactive elements included in each module, please watch our Anatomy Learning Module Overview Video.

So…What all is New?

Review Modules:

Our review modules allow students to work through the interactive quizzes, case studies, and review activities embedded in each module without requiring access to the BodyViz software. This is an excellent choice for instructors who are looking for a simple and effective way to advance their traditional anatomy course or lab sessions with engaging and innovative instructional methods. Students can access the review modules at any time through your preferred learning management system, dramatically increasing their exposure with real anatomical resources from actual patient cases.

New review modules provide access to real human anatomy without BodyViz 3D human anatomy software.

In-Class eModules:

Our in-class modules are a fantastic way to engage your students during lecture and in small group collaboration. Students are able to work through the interactive quizzes, case studies, and review activities just as they would in the review eLearning modules. However, the in-class eModules additionally include guided virtual dissections that link directly into our 3D human anatomy software. The detailed instructions walk students through virtual dissections and examinations to reveal desired structures within our 3D anatomy visualizations.

In-Class modules guide students through virtual dissections and exploration activities.

Custom Content Projects

We understand that goals and requirements vary from institution-to-institution, and between departments. In order to successfully meet all goals and requirements, we offer customizable solutions that can be implemented in any manner requested. An example of a custom project we’ve created is an advancement of existing PowerPoint lecture slides. The images below showcase how BodyViz content can visualize the anatomical structures in 3D, transforming the existing lecture slides into engaging and interactive activities. In this example, our Content Specialists created a complete series of interactive eLearning modules to supplement a yearlong anatomy course. The modules were integrated into the institutions LMS and allows students to review lecture material and engage with real human anatomy outside of the classroom.

Our Content Specialists can tailor our solutions to meet the needs of any pedagogical approach.

Clinical Correlations

As instructors, it’s critical to make sure your students are not only comprehending the course content, but also learning how to apply what they’ve learned in real life scenarios. Our clinical correlations ensure your students are career ready by reviewing foundational anatomy concepts through a clinical lens.

Clinical Correlations ensure students are career ready.

Histology Integration

Our new histology integration increases the comprehension of macro and microscopic relationships within anatomy. The integrated slides highlight different structures within the histology visualizations, helping students identify exactly what they should be studying.

Histology slide integration improves students understanding of macro and microscopic relationshipsOur Content Specialists are ready to help get you started with our new anatomy learning modules today. Please schedule a demonstration at a time that works best for you and follow the links below for more about our solutions!

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