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Real Human Anatomy for Students in Any Location

eLearning modules provide real anatomy for students in online programs

December 11, 2018

BodyViz 3D Anatomy Software

Between the years 2000 and 2030, the number of people in the United States over the age of 65 is projected to double. The number of trips made to the physician’s office for people in this age group is also two times higher compared to those under 65. By 2025, the United States is projected to experience a shortage of up to 160,000 full-time physicians (external link). The same can be said across almost every profession within the industry. Many of the areas that suffer most from these shortages, are those in rural parts of the country where access to health-related degree opportunities aren’t as prevalent.

With that in mind, institutions across the country have set out to answer the question; How can we educate an increasing number of health care professionals while also expanding access to students in suffering areas? Many have turned toward adpoting additional degree programs, many of which are taught online, enabling them to increase the number students enrolled per program and helping expand access for those in rural areas. While this may seem like a great start to alleviating the shortages we’re projected for, health related programs often require an extensive understanding of the human body and more specifically, human anatomy. Many of these programs are missing the key ingredient in educating the health professionals of tomorrow about the human body, which happens to be…the human body.

Some of these programs have begun using modeled virtual anatomy resources in their curriculums as a foundation for teaching human anatomy. Many of the students in programs utilizing modeled anatomy are missing out on a critical aspect of the understanding human anatomy, and that is that no two bodies are exactly alike. Anatomy is rarely so neat and simple as it is portrayed in modeled virtual anatomy applications. Real anatomy is riddled with natural variations - including body type and gender, health status, patient age and developmental stage, existing conditions, pathology, and so on. BodyViz’s 3D anatomy software renders real patient data into 3D visualizations, allowing students to explore hundreds of different examples of the human body showcasing all of the natural variations that are overlooked by modeled applications. Our dataset library contains over 800 3D visualizations of real human anatomy and is continuously growing, providing users an almost endless supply of real anatomy at their fingertips.

Over 800 3D visualizations of real human anatomy.

With our interactive eLearning modules, BodyViz enables instructors to provide real human anatomy content for students in any location, including those in online programs. Our eLearning modules are easily uploaded into the learning management system, (Canvas, BlackBoard, D2L, etc.) giving students access anytime and anywhere. They contain 12 interactive modules including an “Anatomy Basics” modules for introductory anatomy students, and 11 comprehensive modules following a systemic approach for the 11 anatomical systems. Each module is embedded with video clips and interactive exercises, graded quizzes, etc., allowing instructors to easily track student performance on a daily/weekly basis.

BodyViz's 12 eLearning modules provide real human anatomy for students online

As we fight the increasing shortages within the industry, more institutions will begin weighing the pros and cons of adding online degree programs to their curriculums. With the correct resources, and the shift in the way todays students are learning most effectively, online degree programs will continue to expand to combat the health care professional shortages.

To learn more about how BodyViz’s 3D anatomy content can transform your online degree programs, schedule a demo today and follow the links below.

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