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Facility Investments Create Exciting Anatomy Opportunities

Visualizing Your Virtual Anatomy Environment with interactive 3D floor-plans.

December 05, 2018

3D anatomy software rendered from real human anatomy

By: Curt Carlson

In my travels, I’ve encountered an increasing number of academic institutions investing in science and health related infrastructure. Budgets for investments of this size are thoroughly reviewed, ensuring the new investment supports your pedagogical, institutional, and future academic priorities. As anatomy educators, this creates an exciting opportunity to improve the instructional methods currently being practiced in your learning environment.

Anatomy education has remained relatively unchanged for decades despite major advancements in technology and a shift in the instructional methods today’s students are benefiting from the most. Instructional methods within an alarming number of anatomy curriculums haven’t adapted to these changes, forming a gap in the way students are learning and the way they are being taught. As this gap continues to expand, many institutions are adopting virtual anatomy applications to increase student access and interaction with real human anatomy. While research supports the use of virtual anatomy resources in the classroom, many instructors are hesitant on making these changes. Our team at BodyViz understands the frustrations that come with mentally piecing together your learning environment to support your class goals and requirements, and that’s why we’re here to help!

To alleviate some of the stress an instructor may experience while adopting virtual 3D anatomy software, our team at BodyViz creates interactive 3D floorplans to help you visualize your new learning environment and ensure that our solutions provide everything your curriculum requires. Our solutions are what we like to call “plug and play” and integrate directly into your existing anatomy curriculum, eliminating the hassle of restructuring your existing courses. BodyViz can be integrated into any learning environment and can scale to meet any number of students, at any academic level. 

BodyViz 3D anatomy software solution

Classroom view of BodyViz 3d anatomy solutions

Overhead view of BodyViz 3D anatomy solutions

Exemplified above, BodyViz 3D anatomy solutions transform traditional learning environments into a fully interactive virtual cadaver lab. Our innovative software provides unlimited access to non-destructive, repeatable virtual dissections of real human anatomy. New building construction/renovation provide the perfect opportunity to advance your students experience and performance with virtual 3D anatomy software.

Get started today by scheduling an online demonstration of our solutions. Our team will work with you to build a solution that integrates directly into your resources and create a 3D rendering of what your solution will look like after it has been implemented.

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