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Virtual Dissection for Students at Any Academic Level

BodyViz virtual anatomy solutions scale to any academic approach, providing unlimited access to real anatomy.

November 07, 2018

By: Dr. Bob Tallitsch

Recently, I was talking to a colleague about how virtual anatomy resources can help his undergraduate students comprehend and understand 3-dimensional anatomical relationships more effectively. Then, with this enhanced understanding of anatomical relationships, his students would be better prepared for their subsequent years in upper level anatomy courses. When I encouraged him to think about incorporating BodyViz 3D anatomy software into his anatomy class I was perplexed by his comment, which went something like this: “I’m not knowledgeable enough about MRI and CT scan data in order to teach my students how to interpret what they are seeing with BodyViz.” My response to him was simple:

BodyViz Virtual dissection is very easy to use, even without previous knowledge of MRI or CT scan data

The BodyViz team has done an incredible job packaging their solutions to enhance anatomy courses at any level of education. Students at Notre Dame High School in 8 different programs are using the same virtual anatomy solution as the students in the cadaver lab at Creighton University School of Medicine. My colleague was astounded, to say the least, by the fact that a single virtual anatomy resource could successfully provide content for such a large range of students.

The BodyViz team has made this possible by creating a solution that can easily flex to any form of teaching environment and scale to any pedagogical approach. BodyViz 3D anatomy solutions come packaged with an extensive dataset library, containing hundreds of interactive 3D visualizations rendered from real patient data that help expand access to real human and veterinary anatomy. Using these visualizations, BodyViz has created a comprehensive anatomy curriculum, covering all 11 systems of the human body, that can be uploaded into the schools learning management system (LMS) enabling students to access anatomy resources anytime and anywhere. Each solution can be tailored to fit directly into an institution’s existing anatomy curriculum and resources. If a solution feels too complex for the students, the BodyViz team can scale down the solution using the instructor’s previous materials from their lecture, lab, or text book's, meeting students where they are.

Custom Virtual Anatomy Solutions using Real Human Anatomy

As an anatomy professor with over 40 years of experience, I understand the frustrations that come with implementing new instructional resources in your classroom. Restructuring your curriculum to make room for a new resource can be a semesters work in and of itself. BodyViz provides a “plug and play” 3D virtual anatomy solution, eliminating the hassle of restructuring your curriculum or learning environment. Using an institution’s existing instructional resources (computers, projectors, tablets, etc.) a 3D virtual anatomy solution can turn any teaching environment into an interactive virtual cadaver lab.

To learn more about BodyViz 3D anatomy software, schedule a demo at a time that fits your schedule and follow the helpful links below.

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