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Advancing Physician Assistant Programs with Virtual Dissection Software

Join us October 24-27 at The National Conference for Physician Assistant Educators 2018!

October 08, 2018

BodyViz Anatomy Software visualizes real human anatomy in 3D!

As the need for healthcare professionals climbs year after year, the enrollment rates in the accompanying higher educational programs follow suit. While this appears to be a step in the right direction, significantly increasing enrollment rates leave many institutions struggling to provide students with the necessary resources in order to succeed in their subsequent years. One particular area in the health-related academic field that struggles to provide the required resources is within the study of human anatomy. As enrollment in these fields increases, access to the human anatomy/cadaver labs becomes more competitive, leaving many institutions looking for alternative methods. A large number of programs have adopted virtual anatomy resources to provide the increasing number of student’s access to anatomical resources.

Many have augmented their curriculums with virtual platforms that utilize modeled anatomical volumesWhile these platforms expand access to anatomy resources, they leave a gap in the comprehension and learning components required to fulfill the needs of tomorrows healthcare professionals. BodyViz 3D anatomy software bridges that gap between the necessary components in anatomical education and the knowledge required to succeed in their academic and post-academic careers. BodyViz’s virtual 3D anatomy software solutions provide unlimited access to real human anatomy that students utilize to expand their knowledge of normal (average), developmental stage, variation, and pathology examples in anatomy. Exemplified below, BodyViz anatomy software visualizes developmental stages from fetuses to 90+ year old patients in 3 dimensions. These aspects are a critical component within health-related curriculums and many are often over looked by modeled virtual anatomy platforms.

BodyViz Anatomy Software visualizes Developmental stages in 3D rendered from real human anatomy

We have a saying here at BodyViz, “Anatomy is real, not modeled.” We firmly believe that in order to fully reach anatomy curriculum goals, anatomy needs to be taught using real anatomy. Our 3D visualizations are rendered from real patient data that enable students to perform virtual dissections and exploration of real human anatomy. Our solutions scale to any teaching environment and flex to any pedagogical approach, providing real human anatomy to students in any stage of their academic careers. BodyViz can be implemented into existing institutional resources and can do so in a cost-effective manner, providing students with the anatomy resources they need, when and where they need them.

Join us at booth #21 October 24th – 27th in Anaheim, CA for The National Conference for Physician Assistant Educators (PAEA 2018) to learn more about implementing BodyViz 3D anatomy software into your existing or newly developed Physician Assistant program. Our solutions can be easily integrated across multiple programs and flex to meet the differing goals and requirements of each program as well. We look forward to seeing you there!

If you are unable to attend the conference, please schedule an online demo at a time that works for you and follow the links below for more insights regarding our virtual anatomy solutions.

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