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BodyViz 3D Anatomy Software Solution Opportunities

See how BodyViz flexes to transform any learning environment into a virtual anatomy lab.

September 18, 2018

BodyViz 3D Virtual Anatomy Software Solution Opportunities

After assisting many institutions with the implementation of virtual anatomy software into new and existing anatomy curriculums, our team has learned that there is not one single solution that fits all.  A solution that works flawlessly at one school may not be successful at another. As goals and expectations expand and change, resources need to be able to do the same. Often, long-term goals are overlooked when it comes time to implement virtual dissection software due to the wanting of immediate changes. But what happens five, ten, or even fifteen years down the line? Curriculums, resources, and students are ever-changing, leaving many previous instructional methods behind. BodyViz’s virtual anatomy software is scalable, flexible, and can be implemented in numerous ways to meet the goals and expectations of your institution now and in the future.

Angelo State University:

Students in the Archer College of Health and Human Sciences at Angelo State University are exposed to real human anatomy in a one-to-one computer lab. BodyViz is loaded on 41 computers in this digital anatomy lab, allowing the instructor to present using BodyBiz’s 3D anatomy software and 40 students to individually explore and virtually dissect real human anatomy. 

BodyViz 3D Anatomy Software provides Angelo State University a limitless Virtual Cadaver Lab

Morgan State University:

The Biology department at Morgan State University has structured their digital anatomy lab to support small group collaboration. Instructors in this environment can present course content in a lecture format using a 3D projector to display BodyViz’s stereoscopic anatomy software in 3D. Within the same classroom, students can be directed towards the 4 breakout areas pictured below, to virtually dissect real anatomy in groups of three. This is an excellent example of how BodyViz can support small group collaboration and lecture learning environments simultaneously.

BodyViz 3D virtual anatomy software used in lecture and small group collaboration instructional formats.

Furman University:

BodyViz anatomy software is also an excellent supplement to an existing anatomy lab. Furman University recently implemented a new program, increasing the number of students requiring access to real anatomy. Furman University has updated their anatomy lab with BodyViz software displayed on TV’s surrounding the wet lab, allowing students to prepare themselves before dissecting on physical cadavers. This is a fantastic way to alleviate some of the anxiety and nervousness that many students experience when first working in an anatomy lab.

BodyViz 3D anatomy software utilized at Furman University in the Cadaver lab

Wilson College:

While your teaching environment is likely to change at some point in your career, so is your anatomy curriculum. BodyViz offers customizable eLearning modules that can be tailored to integrate directly into your existing anatomy resources or adapt to any changes your curriculum may experience down the road. Wilson College had a very specific direction in which they wanted to take their anatomy courses. To augment their vision, our Content Team created 18 custom eLearning modules and enhanced their lecture PowerPoints with interactive BodyViz files. These files can be used in-class during lecture or uploaded into a learning management system (LMS) such as Canvas, for students to work through anytime, anywhere.

Customize BodyViz's 3D anatomy software to meet your individual and instructional needs

Idaho State University:

The Virtual Anatomy Suite at Idaho State University is utilizing BodyViz in a very creative way. The Meridian Health Science Center has a series of labs, in which they wanted to implement BodyViz. To do this in a very cost-effective manner, they created a mobile BodyViz virtual cadaver lab that can be wheeled into any of their anatomy labs or classrooms. The mobile cart has been fitted with a computer loaded with BodyViz anatomy software and a big screen TV where the visualizations are displayed. Paired with the mobile virtual cadaver lab, they also have 3D TVs positioned around the Virtual Anatomy Suite enabling student interaction with real human anatomy in 3D using BodyViz software.

BodyViz 3D anatomy software provided Idaho State University a mobile virtual cadaver lab.

Florida Gateway College

BodyViz anatomy software flexes to your institution’s existing resources and can transform any classroom into a virtual anatomy lab. Florida Gateway College’s existing classroom was previously equipped with a projector and screen. In order to integrate 3D stereoscopic visualizations in their classroom, they exchanged the existing 2D projector for a 3D projector. They are now utilizing BodyViz’s real human anatomy visualizations in 3D for all levels in their anatomy curriculum. After adopting BodyViz, they have reported an increase in attendance from 75% to an astonishing 98%. They have also seen an increase in quiz grades of 10%. Another great example of how simple BodyViz is to integrate and the significant impact it has on student performance. 

BodyViz 3D anatomy software used in stereoscopic "3D" projections.

To learn more about how our solutions can be integrated into your existing anatomy resources, schedule an online demonstration at your earliest convenience and follow the links below.

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