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October 01, 2019
From Bones to Brains with Bob: Living Liver Transplantation
Gross Anatomy and Surgical Anatomy of the Liver
September 13, 2019
Hands-On Anatomy Education without Cadaver Lab Limitations
A.T. Still University increases student confidence and comprehension with Virtual Anatomy Software
September 10, 2019
Creating an Engaging Anatomy Learning Environment
Simplify Classroom and Lab Design with Flexible 3D Anatomy Software
September 05, 2019
From Bones to Brains with Bob: Kidney Stones
Anatomy and Pathophsyiology of Kidney Stones
September 04, 2019
From Bones to Brains with Bob: Welcome to the Series
Learn how to increase your anatomy classroom engagement and student comprehension
August 27, 2019
Veterinary Anatomical Dissection Alternatives
Expand Access to Real Anatomical Resources Visualized in 3D
August 13, 2019
How Virtual Anatomy can Remedy your Cadaver Frustrations
Overcoming the decreasing availability of cadavers in academia
August 12, 2019
[eBook] Breathing Life Back into Your Anatomy Classroom
Increase your anatomy classroom engagement and student comprehension of course material.
August 05, 2019
3D Anatomical Student Comprehension Solved
An inside look at Furman University's Virtual Anatomy Lab
July 31, 2019
Modeled vs Real 3D Anatomy Software
If You're Not Using Real Anatomy, You're Using a Cartoon
July 25, 2019
Simplified Anatomy Environment Design and Renovation
Taking Advantage of Facility Investments with Real 3D Anatomy Software
July 18, 2019
Simplifying the Selection of 3D Anatomy Resources
Four must-have features to boost student engagement and comprehension
June 25, 2019
Improving Problem Solving Skills with 3D Anatomy Software
Ole Miss increases student comprehension of 3D anatomical relationships with Bodyviz
June 05, 2019
Combating Resource and Funding Restrictions w/ 3D Virtual Anatomy
Blue Mountain College expands access to real anatomy with BodyViz
April 24, 2019
3 Solutions to Easily Increase Student Engagement
Adopting new resources shouldn't be this difficult
April 05, 2019
3D Anatomy Investment and Budgeting
Making meaningful investments in 3D Virtual Anatomy Resources
March 26, 2019
The Spring Break Every Anatomy Educator Dreams About
Sometimes you just can't get away from your anatomy classroom...
February 02, 2019
After 40 Years of Teaching Anatomy, Here's What I've Learned
It’s about what’s best for the students, not the instructor
January 30, 2019
BodyViz 3D Anatomy Software Solutions
Expanding Access to Real Human Anatomy with Interactive 3D Anatomy Software
January 14, 2019
The BodyViz Spaceship? Endless Exploration of Real Anatomy
Dr. E. looks back on how BodyViz is evolving anatomy education
January 07, 2019
Preparing the Clinicians of Tomorrow with Virtual Dissection Software
Aga Khan University Medical College Renovates Anatomy Lab with BodyViz
December 17, 2018
Adapting to Decreasing Availability of Cadaveric Anatomical Specimens
BodyViz Offers an Additional Opportunity for Accessing Real Human Anatomy
December 13, 2018
Congratulations Olivia De Kok!
Graduating Senior Finds Passion at the Intersection of Art, Science
November 28, 2018
4 Questions to Consider Before Implementing a 3D Anatomy Solution
The Future of Virtual Anatomy is Here Today!
November 16, 2018
Adding a Personal Touch to the Anatomy Classroom
Virtually dissect and explore 3D visualizations of your own anatomy!
November 07, 2018
Virtual Dissection for Students at Any Academic Level
BodyViz virtual anatomy solutions scale to any academic approach, providing unlimited access to real anatomy.
October 08, 2018
Advancing Physician Assistant Programs with Virtual Dissection Software
The zero-foot print cadaver lab that fits directly into your existing anatomy curriculum.
October 02, 2018
The Importance of Anatomical Variations
BodyViz offers Developmental Stages and Variations in Real Human Anatomy
September 25, 2018
Notre Dame High School Introduces Virtual Anatomy and Dissection Technology
BodyViz customer recognized for their use of innovative technology
September 24, 2018
New 3D Human and Animal Anatomy Visualizations
Hundreds of New Human and Animal Datasets added to our library
September 18, 2018
BodyViz 3D Anatomy Software Solution Opportunities
See how BodyViz flexes to transform any learning environment into a virtual anatomy lab.
September 10, 2018
Confessions of an 'Old School' Anatomy Professor
Integrating 3D Anatomy Software into Lecture
August 28, 2018
Visualizing the Future of Virtual Anatomy Instruction
Join us the week of September 10th for an all new BodyViz Webinar
August 20, 2018
Enhancing Student Experiences with Virtual Dissection Labs
How computer-assisted instruction has lasting positive effects
August 13, 2018
How 3D Anatomy Software Benefits Your Students
Learn more on why institutions are adopting innovative technology like BodyViz
August 07, 2018
Students at Providence Christian College Perform Virtual Dissections using Real Human Anatomy
Virtual cadaver lab and eLearning modules turn a classroom into a collaborative learning environment
July 30, 2018
Furman University Showcases New Program with a BodyViz Virtual Cadaver Lab
BodyViz customer supplements their new Master of Science in Community Engaged Medicine program with BodyViz 3D anatomy software.
July 23, 2018
Welcome to the BodyViz Family, Notre Dame High School!
Virtual Dissection isn't limited to Medical Students and Professionals
July 16, 2018
Engaging Students with Innovative Technology
BodyViz gives your students a new direction of learning
July 02, 2018
Congratulations Dr. Jeffrey Bell!
BodyViz champion and close friend, Dr. Bell, named Educator of the Year
January 31, 2018
BodyViz Technology Brings Established Anatomy Curriculum into the Future
The Creighton University School of Medicine brings anatomy curriculum into the 21st century with BodyViz
June 07, 2017
Facility Investments Signal Good Things to Come
Use this opportunity to improve anatomy curriculum
May 22, 2017
Virtual Dissection 101
Understanding the basics helps future anatomy curriculum decisions
April 19, 2017
Not All Virtual Anatomy is Equal
Learn the differences
March 09, 2017
Virtual Anatomy Here To Stay. Now What?
The Power of the Pilot Study
January 02, 2017
4 Anatomy Education Trends
BodyViz CEO Curt Carlson Looks Back on 2016
December 07, 2016
Anatomy Curriculum Under Time Pressure
Interactive 3D CT Visualizations Help Medical Schools Do More In Cadaver Lab
December 07, 2016
Idaho State University
Supplementing gross anatomy lab with virtual cadavers
November 09, 2016
BodyViz Makes Complicated Anatomy Easy to Understand
Custom Curriculum: Internal Pudendal Artery
November 08, 2016
New Anatomy Pedagogy Puts Students in Control, Increases Exposure to Real Anatomy
BodyViz supports flipped classroom, blended learning, and student centric curriculum
November 08, 2016
Anatomy Quiz: Can you identify these bones?
Take the BodyViz Anatomy Challenge and gain insight into developmental anatomy
October 31, 2016
BodyViz Improves Anatomy Curriculum Equity at Community Colleges
Learn how BodyViz makes real anatomy accessible regardless of location or background
October 20, 2016
Take the BodyViz Anatomy Challenge
Can you identify the abnormal mass?
October 19, 2016
Virtual Cadaver? 3D MRI/CT Visualizations? Anatomy Software?
3 Steps Help Determine if This Technology is Right For Your Institution
October 10, 2016
Upcoming MLA Events: You Won’t Find Marian the Librarian Here
Medical Library Association Librarians value technology and influence institutional change
September 30, 2016
Anatomy Curriculum Discussions Create Positive Change
Blog by: Curt Carlson, BodyViz CEO
September 16, 2016
UT Health Science Center San Antonio Breathes New Life into Anatomy Curriculum
BodyViz Helps South Texas Train Next Generation
August 01, 2016
BodyViz Website Terms and Conditions
Updated with New Website Launch
August 01, 2016
BodyViz Website Privacy Policy
Updated with launch of new website
May 19, 2016
Experience BodyViz in 3D at HAPS 2016!
Be sure to visit BodyViz in Booth 24 at HAPS in Atlanta this weekend.
February 01, 2016
$23.3 Million NIH Grant Helps Morgan State Invest in BodyViz 3D MRI/CT Anatomy Software Solution
Morgan State's solution will include 19 laptops in a collaborative workspace setting, alongside a cutting edge stereoscopic 3D projection environment with 135-inch screen that will further enhance instruction.

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