Nova Southeastern is Looking at the Future Today

August 16, 2021

Nova Southeastern Osteopathic Medicine & BodyViz

The Future Today

The Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine at Nova Southeastern University is focused on the future, while providing their students with the ability to excel in medicine today.  Their commitment to serving the medically unserved and their inter-professional best-of-class doctoral and master’s degree programs, Nova Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine is helping mold the future of the medical field.  Due to Nova Southeastern's commitment to providing learner-centered education for osteopathic medical students, post graduate trainees, physicians, and other professionals - they have decided to invest in their students and classes with BodyViz 3D anatomy dissection software. BodyViz will help their students gain the knowledge and skills to solve today's and tomorrow’s health problems.

Identifying the Issue

Training students to see the unseen is a specialty of Nova Southeastern. Instructors are challenged with teaching students how to correlate signs and symptoms patients experience with internal problems and illness to identify the cause. Additionally, medical students need to know the medical interventions that can help, and how to perform them. This is an incredibly brief explanation of something that takes years of practice, skill, and mastery to achieve. This is no easy task for the instructors to teach and the students to absorb, but BodyViz helps with this!

Dr. Elizabeth Oviawe

Dr. Elizabeth Oviawe, the Director of the Division of Institutional Technology at Nova Southeastern, believes in the value that BodyViz is bringing to Nova’s programs and students. Dr. Oviawe has been working with the BodyViz team to implement BodyViz into Nova Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine this fall!  Their plan involves 500 students and 8 instructors between both of their Ft. Lauderdale/Davie and Tampa Bay Campuses incorporating BodyViz into their courses.  The BodyViz 3D dissection platform integrates directly into their LMS, bringing ease to their instructors and students. 


Dr. Elizabeth Oviawe

Dr. Elizabeth Oviawe Nova Southeastern


BodyViz gives Nova Southeastern’s instructors resources that they can use in lectures and labs with the ability to record videos and take pictures of real 3D anatomy.  Because anatomy is filled with complex spatial relationships, giving instructors the ability to have and record their own 3D images and videos, saves instructors time and energy. Instead of facing instructors with trying to verbally describe and find modeled drawings to represent advanced anatomy concepts - instructors can show students the real anatomy with BodyViz! A concept that may take an hour to explain, can be shown in minutes with BodyViz.

Nova Southeastern's Lab using BodyViz 3D Anatomy Dissection“The ability for instructors to conveniently create 3D engaging content based on real anatomy of actual patients that supports what they are lecturing on is an amazing resource for students to actually see and apply what they are learning about in lecture.”

- Scott Rodenburg, Director of Business Development 


Students can use BodyViz to dissect and explore real patients from anywhere at any time! Having a whole view and understanding of anatomy is incredibly important. Nova Southeastern’s students are receiving an opportunity to put what they are learning to the test on real patients with BodyViz.  In the BodyViz 3D dissection software, students can cut, slice, examine, and label specific anatomy structures. This is giving these students practice and examples of real anatomy that previously seemed only possible with traditional human cadaver labs. Now, this sort of practice and examples are as easily accessed as opening a laptop.  BodyViz is changing the future of Anatomy and medical education!

Because Nova Southeastern is looking forward to the future of medicine, they are investing in the resources of their students and instructors now with BodyViz! 

To learn more about Nova Southeastern’s use of BodyViz, follow this link:

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Cerebral Vessels of the skull with BodyViz Anatomy