New International Partner: Cloudatomy

June 24, 2021

Handshake between Cloudatomy and Bodyviz

It is our pleasure to announce that we are partnering with Cloudatomy, an emerging educational technology company, to accelerate and expand the use of 3D Anatomy Technology within the Indian medical education system. Cloudatomy is known for their success surrounding the implementation of 3D technology in the educational setting, and this partnership offers a strong support to our business internationally.

This partnership between BodyViz and Cloudatomy will have a significant impact in the Indian educational systems, by providing medical students and instructors an accessible, interactive 3D Anatomy learning platform. BodyViz is the only learning platform offering 3D anatomy technology created from real human and veterinary anatomy, accessible to students and instructors directly on their laptops/computers. This learning experience helps medical students comprehend course material in a much more effective manner and helps them develop clinical skills to be successful in the medical and healthcare environments.

"We chose to work with BodyViz because of the flexibility and scalability of their 3D Anatomy Learning Platform. Having the ability to augment anatomy education with Virtual Anatomy Labs all across our country in any setting, truly opens the door to significantly enhancing the learning environment and creates more opportunities for our company.” said Vipin Chopra, Cloudatomy, Managing Director and Founder.


students using cloudatomy powered by bodyviz table

Cloudatomy and BodyViz share the same ambition of helping instructors and students in the pursuit of advancing, simplifying, and encouraging human and veterinary education.  With our new 3D Anatomy Software release in 2020, BodyViz solutions provide limitless access to  virtual dissection of real human anatomy for students both inside and outside of the traditional anatomy lab and classroom.  This means students can dissect, peel away tissue layers, and visualize the complex 3D spatial relationships of interconnected systems just as they would in the cadaver lab from anywhere. With the shortage of cadaver availability, BodyViz offers a solution using real human anatomy, allowing students to visualize and learn from an actual patient in vivid, 3D volumes that are 100% authentic. Our library consists of over 1000 anatomical studies that students and instructors can easily familiarize themselves with pathology, variations, injury, developmental stages and more. Accompanying our Interactive Anatomy Content modules, students can test their knowledge of course material by completing the engaging activities and quizzes directly within the preferred learning management system. This comprehensive, hands-on learning experience helps anatomy instructors ensure their students are prepared for the workplace without requiring access to cadaveric specimens.

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