COVID-19 Higher Education Relief Funds: $14B Provided by the CARES Act

April 21, 2020

In recent communications with many of your peers, our team has quickly picked up on trends relating to institutional and departmental budget cuts. In a time where educators are scrambling to determine how to effectively teach anatomy courses online, shutting off access to these resources can be detrimental. Under the CARES Act, your institution will likely benefit from relief funds provided by the Department of Education to cover the costs associated with transitioning your courses to an online/remote learning environment.

In the upcoming months, higher education institutions across the U.S. will be receiving a total of $14 billion dollars in relief funds to help cover costs originating from COVID-19. These funds can be used to support new resources required to adapt to alternative learning environments, as well as for student grants to cover the cost of food, housing, technology, and more. Follow the button provided below for an estimate of how much your institution is expected to receive.

Relief Fund Allocation by Institution

At BodyViz, we understand the challenges that have been imposed on anatomy educators in recent weeks. We also know the level of difficulty accompanied with teaching students the complex 3D spatial relationships between structures without dissection experiences. Although many of you may not have the option to add new resources into existing budgets, the CARES Act relief funds will be available to higher education institutions in the upcoming weeks. For anatomy educators who are still searching for resources to replace their traditional dissection labs, now is the time to begin searching for a solution to ensure your students are fully engaged and comprehending anatomy course material in your courses. Our all-new Online Anatomy Lab is an excellent way to empower your students with virtual dissection resources, regardless of the learning environment and conditions. 

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