Budgeting and Adapting to Online Anatomy Education

April 1, 2020

Over the past weeks, our team at BodyViz has conversed with many of your peers about the challenges presented to anatomy instructors in light of recent events. Three of the most prominent challenges we discussed relate to:

  1. The urgency of providing lecture and lab resources for students in online/remote learning environments
  2. The impact COVID-19 will have on institutional and departmental budgets
  3. Creating a contingency plan for alternative learning environments

At BodyViz, we understand the challenges imposed on anatomy instructors and are taking action to help mitigate the impact COVID-19 will have in anatomy education. In an effort to quickly provide students with anatomical resources in online/remote learning environments, our team shifted our focus to develop the BodyViz Online Anatomy Lab. With all-new student subscription pricing, our team is working with instructors to provide online lecture and dissection labs for students in a very cost-effective manner. This ensures each student has the necessary resources to succeed, regardless of the impact from distance learning.

BodyViz Online Anatomy Lab

The BodyViz Online Anatomy Lab is the only virtual dissection application created from real human anatomy that has been developed for student use on personal laptops/computers. Each student will download a simplified version of BodyViz 3D Anatomy software, allowing them to virtually dissect, peel away layers, and visualize anatomy in 3D, just as they would in the cadaver lab. In addition to the software license, students will also receive our ready-to-use, interactive anatomy content modules that they can access directly within the preferred learning management system. Instructors will receive a BodyViz Pro software license, empowering them with a content creation tool that can be used to easily produce interactive activities and lecture sessions for students. This newly developed solution provides students and instructors with an interactive, comprehensive learning experience for any learning environment.

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Upcoming Budget Cycles

For many regions across the world, COVID-19 has made significant impacts on institutional and departmental spending allowances. In addition, we’ve also found ourselves in a position where the need for new instructional resources is at an all time-time high; a consequence of the transition into online/remote learning. Our team is working with anatomy instructors to tailor an Online Anatomy Labs to individual budget and curriculum needs. We assure you that meaningful investments in anatomical resources are still available, regardless of the impact from COVID-19. With our all-new subscription pricing and low cost of entry, the BodyViz Online Anatomy Lab can be quickly delivered and implemented within your budget. 

Planning for the Future

Many of you are likely scrambling to find resources to make it through this semester with the hope that everything is resolved come August. We understand that this is a difficult and stressful time as anatomy instructors and students alike. However, we strongly encourage you to carefully think about the future regarding the resources you're choosing to invest in for your curriculum. If there’s one thing we’ve learned throughout these past few weeks, it’s that we live in a time of uncertainty and the world, or the anatomy classroom, as we know it can change in the blink of an eye. As anatomy instructors and leaders in anatomy education, it’s our responsibility to ensure we’re capable of adapting to the inevitable changes anatomy instructors will encounter. Our team is dedicated to help instructors prepare to confidently teach anatomy under any circumstance and learning environment.   

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