3D Anatomy Investment and Budgeting

Live Webinar

Over the last decade, the BodyViz team has helped hundreds of anatomy educators engage their students with our virtual anatomy learning platform. More recently, we have helped many of your peers overcome the impact distance learning has on anatomy education by providing an Online 3D Anatomy Lab that students and instructors can access in any location. 

Over the past several months, we've been discussing with our customers the challenges of budget cycles, and in particular, how schools can effectively budget for BodyViz this upcoming year. We understand that traditional budget cycles are most frequently used to acquire new tools and technologies; however, there are many options available to educators to make meaningful investments in anatomy education. 

Join the us for 3D Anatomy Investment and Budgeting October 27th and 28th to learn about how you can make meaningful investments in anatomy education, without breaking the budget. Our team has extensive experience in tailoring 3D anatomy solutions to meet budgets of any size and we are here to show you how.

See you there!