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BodyViz in Practice: Tumor research

Examination and Measurement of Patient Lung Tumors

Rendered from a CT scan, this visualization displays the anatomy of an 18-year-old-male who suffering from an aggressive form of testicular cancer. The tumors started in the testicle and moved to the brain, spine, lungs, and liver. This video explores the tumors that invaded the young man’s lungs.

BodyViz provides valuable insights into the severity, location, and size of the lung tumors. Using BodyViz, the user combines Tissue Type Mode with Free Camera Mode to create visual access and precise focus on the tumors. With the click of a button, the user toggles through different combinations of tissue, hiding layers based on density. In this video, the user removes the skin and healthy soft tissue that surrounded the tumors. To explore the tumors from infinite viewpoints, the user engages Free Camera Mode and controls the viewpoint while the body remains locked in place. You will see the viewpoint focus in on an individual tumor and then take precise measurements.

This video was part of a research project headed by Dr. Tarlico at the University of Indiana NW. The  insights gained from this video along with other BodyViz enabled research will be published in the European Journal of Anatomy in August 2017. Many thanks to the University of Indiana NW for donating the scans to the BodyViz library.

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