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Upcoming MLA Events: You Won’t Find Marian the Librarian Here

Medical Library Association Librarians value technology and influence institutional change

October 10, 2016

If “librarian” brings to mind Marian the Librarian organizing dusty book stacks and shushing patrons, you don’t know this generation of medical librarians. In addition to specialized information search services, the role of the medical librarian has diversified to include acquisition and management of electronic resources, education and support of diverse user groups, and involvement in institutional-level quality improvement. The impact medical librarians have on health care education and delivery has been researched and documented by the Journal of the Medical Library Association (Marsahll, 2013).

We are very familiar with the important role medical librarians play. BodyViz has been part of cross-functional teams charged with curriculum reform and rethinking the delivery of anatomy curriculum. Medical librarians in partnership with health science instructors and curriculum leadership play a critical role in this dialog. Medical librarians become the bridge and integration hub as schools standardize and integrate resources across health science and medical disciplines.

During the month of October, BodyViz will be making a cross country tour, inviting more medical librarians into the conversation. We will be providing hands-on BodyViz anatomy software demonstrations at regional MLA events and discussing how medical libraries use the software to support students, instructors, and clinicians. Here are three ways to learn more or experience BodyViz for yourself:

BodyViz Exhibits at Upcoming MLA Events

SCMLA Annual Meeting

Pacific Northwest Chapter of MLA

Joint Meeting of the Midwest and Midcontinental Chapter of the MLA

Helpful Links

Video-One Minute BodyViz Overview

Case Study-The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Case Study-Idaho State University

Article-The Power of the Pilot Study

Experience BodyViz Yourself-Schedule a 15-Minute Interactive Demonstration


Marsahll, J. G. (2013, January ). Journal List: Journal of the Medical Library Association. Retrieved from National Center for Biotechnology Information:

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