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WEBINAR: Enhancing Student Experiences with Real Anatomy in 3D

Join us May 29th and 30th!

May 03, 2019

BodyViz renders real anatomy into 3D visualizations

Like you, we want to help your students understand and retain anatomical concepts more efficiently. Many of the traditional instructional resources, still being used in classrooms, aren’t as conducive to the comprehension and retention of 3D anatomical relationships for students today. Although there are multiple options of 3D virtual anatomy resources on the market today, many of them are more difficult to understand than the anatomical topics themselves. We’ve been there, and we understand your frustration.

The BodyViz team works closely with anatomy educators every step of the way to ensure:

  • Instructors and students feel confident using virtual anatomy resources
  • Each solution is easily implemented into existing resources and curriculum
  • Increases in comprehension and retention of course concepts with pre/post assessment plans
  • Students have the necessary access to the REAL anatomical resources they require to succeed 

Join us May 29th @ 11:00am or May 30th @ 1:00pm to learn more about how easy it can be to engage your students both in and outside of the classroom with real 3D anatomy resources. 

Learn how our 3D anatomy solutions and success team can help you:

  • Enhance student engagement and comprehension of anatomical relationships with real 3D visualizations rendered from actual patient data
  • Save time and effort when creating lesson plans, activities, and quizzes
  • Expand access to over 1,000 examples of real anatomy for any number of students
  • Easily implement virtual anatomy into your existing anatomy curriculum and classroom resources

Save you spot for either webinar session below:

May 29th at 11:00am          or          May 30th at 1:00pm

Wanting to learn more before the webinar? Check out our one-minute BodyViz introduction video and schedule an interactive demonstration of our real 3D human anatomy software.

Register for the webinar on May 29th at 11:00am: Here

Register for the webinar on May 30th at 1:00pm: Here

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