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4 Questions to Consider Before Implementing a 3D Anatomy Solution

The Future of Virtual Anatomy is Here Today!

November 28, 2018

The future of 3D human anatomy software is here today!

By: Dr. Bob Tallitsch

The teaching of anatomy is changing faster today than it has in any of my 43 years as a college anatomy professor. Not only do anatomy instructors have to articulate learning objectives more clearly, but we also have to assess whether or not our students are actually learning what we want them to learn in lecture and lab. Further, the students of today learn differently than the students of five, ten or twenty years ago. The traditional lecture is not as conducive to the long-term retention of material or teaching students how to use anatomical information in order to solve complex, three-dimensional anatomical and/or clinical problems. In addition, as instructors, we have to concern ourselves not only with what we teach, but how do we teach it? Do we incorporate problem-based learning; do we flip our classrooms; how can one teach human anatomy completely online?

If those questions aren’t enough to make any anatomy teacher pause, add this to the mix: more and more students today are using external resources to supplement and, hopefully, accelerate their learning. What should we, as anatomy instructors, do to help our students get the access they need to innovative anatomical resources? How do we help provide our students with resources that are anatomically correct and have been demonstrated to help them learn more effectively and efficiently? There are a lot of virtual 3D anatomy software solutions on the market today that claim to enhance learning. How does one differentiate between excellent, good, and the not-so-good 3D anatomy solutions?

Here are four questions you need to consider as you decide what 3D anatomy software solution could and should supplement your human anatomy instruction:

  1. Does the software incorporate real human anatomy or is it a “modeled representation” of anatomical information?
  2. Does the software include anatomical variations, pathology, and developmental stages?
  3. Will the software keep your students engaged in and outside of the classroom?
  4. Can the software fit your needs, regardless of the type of institution where you teach?

Student virtually dissects real human anatomy using BodyViz 3D anatomy software

BodyViz’s team is available to help instructors and institutions understand that the future of anatomical instruction is here today. While providing access to 3D visualizations of real human anatomy, BodyViz enables users to perform repeatable virtual dissections and explore anatomy on a deeper level, putting the power right into the hands of anatomy instructors and students alike. Users report that, unlike a typical cadaver lab dissection, the interactive human anatomy software can be utilized repeatedly throughout students’ careers as they navigate from their first-year anatomy and physiology courses, into upper-level anatomy courses, and eventually into a clinical practice. The same interactive 3D anatomy software can scale to meet students in multiple programs, in multiple locations, at the same time. The result of these solutions enables institutions to make the shift of instructional activities from those that emphasize teaching to those that emphasize learning and problem-solving skills.

Overall, anatomical instruction supplemented with BodyViz’s 3D interactive human anatomy software will significantly enhance your students’ understanding of 3D anatomical relationships and significantly enhance your students’ abilities to remember and utilize important anatomical information of the human body. To learn more about BodyViz’s interactive 3D anatomy software, schedule a demo at a time that fits your schedule and follow the helpful links below.

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