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Furman University Showcases New Program with a BodyViz Virtual Cadaver Lab

BodyViz customer supplements their new Master of Science in Community Engaged Medicine program with BodyViz 3D anatomy software.

July 30, 2018

Furman University using BodyViz 3D Virtual Dissection Software

The healthcare industry is constantly changing and evolving into areas we couldn’t have predicted in years past. Many of these changes are leaving gaps in today’s health related curriculums. Dr. Victoria Turgeon at Furman University is taking matters into her own hands by implementing a new Master of Science in Community Engaged Medicine (MS-CEM) program.

Furman University using BodyViz Virtual Anatomy Software in their anatomy lab

Supplemented with BodyViz interactive anatomy software, MS-CEM is aimed at reducing the imbalance between community health needs and resources within the industry. BodyViz grants students in the program access to interactive 3D virtual dissections from monoscopic and stereoscopic visualizations of real human anatomy, bringing their studies into the 21st century.

Furman University using BodyViz virtual dissection software

With the use of 3D MRI and CT scan visualizations, students can repeat virtual dissections to increase confidence and decrease anxiety when examining anatomy. This allows students to master the examination and dissection practices, before setting foot into the cadaver lab. We are excited to witness the improvements BodyViz’s virtual cadavers will make in Dr. Turgeon’s classrooms, and in the future careers of her students.

To learn more about BodyViz's 3D anatomy software, schedule an interactive demo at your earliest convenience and follow the links below.

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To learn more about MS-CEM at Furman University: Click Here

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