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BodyViz Makes Complicated Anatomy Easy to Understand

Custom Curriculum: Internal Pudendal Artery

November 09, 2016

Created using BodyViz anatomy software, this video shows the vasculature of the pelvic region using a 3D visualization rendered from a 72-year-old patient's CT scan. During the lecture, instructors uses BodyViz to provide valuable insight into the complex anatomical relationships surrounding the internal pudendal artery, which weaves a complicated path around bone and muscle. The video and content shown here was developed in collaboration between the medical school’s anatomy instructors and the BodyViz curriculum team.

BodyViz anatomy software creates interactive 3D visualizations from CT and MRI data. With BodyViz, instructors, students, and clinicians can easily explore anatomy, perform virtual dissections, and share content. BodyViz easily integrates into current curriculum and gives instructors tools to create customized content using specific patient scans and/or the BodyViz library of patient and cadaver data.

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