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BodyViz Features - 3D MRI / CT Software

With the BodyViz 3D MRI/CT anatomy visualization software, users rotate, pan, zoom or fly-thru a patient's virtual anatomy using an intuitive Xbox game controller. They can create "clipping" or "slicing" planes and move the planes in and out to see the internal structures of the patient. They can also choose from a variety of colors to enhance organs and features of the data. A user can choose what tissue densities they wish to view such as harder tissues (bone, muscle) or softer tissue (fat, skin). Using actual patient data, virtual trocars can be placed in the 3D MRI or CT scan visualization to enhance surgical planning. In addition, surgical instrument "paths" can be created on the fly and a user can fly through these paths interactively.

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   A quick one-minute view of the BodyViz software


An abdominal CT scan shown within the BodyViz desktop software. Visualizations within BodyViz are easily rotated, zoomed, and colored using an Xbox  game controller for intuitive and fast interaction. 


A cardiac CT shown withing the BodyViz desktop software. The scan has been windowed and colored to remove softer muscle tissue. In this visualization, the structures of the bones and heart are easily displayed for investigation of spatial relationships.