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About BodyViz - 3D MRI Software

Insert picture hereLocated at the Iowa State University Research Park, BodyViz was recently awarded the prestigious Prometheus Award for Breakout Company of the Year for 2011 by the Technology Association of Iowa. BodyViz creates incredible 3D MRI, CT scan visualizations unlocking medical imaging for doctors, specialists, surgeons, teaching institutions as well as trial lawyers. Leveraging expertise developed at ISU’s state-of-the-art Virtual Reality Application Center (VRAC) on Iowa State University’s campus, BodyViz was created by VRAC Director James Oliver, VRAC Associate Director, Eliot Winer and world renowned surgeon, Dr. Thom Lobe.


Insert picture hereBodyViz has extensive visualization features that enable users to quickly and effectively view and interact with their patient's data in a never-before-seen 3D manner that is changing the way medical professionals view their world. The user interface is operated by an Xbox 360 controller which allows anyone from surgeons to medical/anatomy students to simply “travel” under the skin, past the bones, through the arteries, blood vessels and organs and literally fly through patients’ bodies. The game controller lets physicians create "clipping” planes and insert virtual surgical tools that can be maneuvered around internal structures of the anatomy in all directions. Users can also choose what tissue densities to view and from a variety of colors to enhance the data. BodyViz is affordably priced, lightweight and simple to use on laptops or PCs.


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